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‘American Horror Story’ Creators Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk Join Anti-DirecTV Campaign

Says fans will miss nine episodes of horror series this season if agreement isn’t reached

Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk, creators of the new FX series "American Horror Story," warn fans that they'll miss nine episodes of the show this season if DirecTV goes ahead with a threat to pull FX in a dispute over carriage fees.

Murphy and Falchuk, also the co-creators of Fox's "Glee," spoke out after another FX show runner, "Sons of Anarchy" creator Kurt Sutter, said Fox lawyers had censored his anti-DirecTV ad.

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In the new promo, posted on the Keep My Nets Facebook page, Falchuk and Murphy speak from the "Horror" set as ominous music plays.

"On November 1, DirecTV will stop carrying FX, and that means no more 'American Horror Story' or next week's 'Halloween Part 2.' There is something you can do to let DirecTV know you won't stand for this."

He asks viewers to visit the website KeepMyNets.com or to call (866) Keep-My-Nets for more information.

Adds Falchuk: "Do it now before they turn off FX and you miss nine all-new episodes of 'American Horror Story.' Thank you for your support."

DirecTV has threatened to pull FX and a number of other Fox Networks channels and regional sports networks off its service on Nov. 1 if a new contract can't be worked out.

Earlier in the week, "Sons of Anarchy" creator Sutter clashed with Fox executives, who insisted on censoring his anti-DirecTV promo before it aired.

Sutter had earlier gone to bat for Fox on his blog and on Twitter, employing his usual arsenol of bad language.

On his Twitter feed Wednesday morning, Sutter noted, "I've been informed by Fox legal that if I post rough cuts [of his anti-DirecTV spot] on my blog they will have me fired and arrested, so of course I still may do it …"

Sutter's original script wasn't nearly as tame as the promo that eventually ran. Here's the scri[pt he posted on his blog:

"DirecTV is shutting down all conversation and using their customers as leverage. In the process, you're getting fucked over. They're running ads with their corporate shill telling you how much 'They care about your business.' That dude's got one sincere hand on his heart while the other greases your unsuspecting backside. Because they're about to flip you overr and fuck you up the ass till you bleed."