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‘American Horror Story’ House Goes on the Surreal-Estate Market

The house where FX filmed its pilot for the creepy hit has been placed on the market for a corpse-cool $4.5 million

For sale: Historical brick home in Los Angeles. Includes a grand ballroom, Tiffany light fixtures, six bedrooms, five baths — and maybe a body or three in the basement.

The house where FX filmed its pilot for the creepy hit "American Horror Story" has been placed on the market, and for a cool-as-a-corpse $4.5 million it could be yours.

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The three-story,10,440-square-foot home, also known as the Alfred F. Rosenheim Mansion, boasts "a museum-quality set of Tiffany glass doors," six vintage tile fireplaces, and and a formal dining room with antique gold and silver-leaf hand-painted ceilings, among other amenities, according to its listing.

The house is a "one-of-a-kind residence" that "evokes the quality and grandeur of a bygone era," the listing adds.

We'll bet …

Not to worry, though; the sale of the home — is Marilyn Manson in the market for new digs? — won't affect the filming of the Ryan Murphy/Brad Falchuk series.

Connie Britton — who plays Vivien Harmon on the series — told the Washington Post in October that, while the show's pilot was filmed at the house, the series itself is filmed within replicas of the structure.

"When we’re on the set, it feels like we’re in that house, to the point where on the set you know if you run up the stairs to the second floor, it kind of ends. It sort of just ends into nothingness, like you could actually eventually walk off of a platform," Britton explained to the paper.

Maybe that should be mentioned in the listing …