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Amy Poehler Reveals Cover of Her Debut Book, ‘Yes Please’ (Photo)

Just put it on the Best Seller list now

Amy Poehler, top notch actress and comedian, has a new book called “Yes Please,” which is due out in October and available for pre-sale now. She revealed the cover on the “Today Show” on Wednesday, inspiring us to write this little sketch in case she wants to include it in the paperback edition:

Person 1: Would you like to pre-order Amy Poehler‘s book, “Yes Please?”

Person 2: Hey, don’t ask the question AND answer for me, I need to make my own decision.

Person 1: I didn’t…

Person 2: You said “yes, please” right after you asked the question.

Person 1: Right, I know.

Person 2: But what if I don’t want to order it?

Person 1: It’s still “Yes Please.”

Person 2: Well, no thank you!

Person 1: But it tacklesĀ a variety of topics, from friendship and parenting to advice on love and life, all done with Poehler’s inimitable wit!

Person 2: Oh, well in that case, yes please!

Yes Please Amy Poehler