Amy Schumer Shreds Sexist Heckler During Stockholm Show (Video)

Memo to the bros of Sweden: Do not ask to see Schumer’s breasts while she’s trying to make people laugh

amy schumer
Getty Images

Attention, hecklers: Ask Amy Schumer to show you her tits, and she’ll show you the door instead.

Comedian Schumer shut down a sexist boor who dared to ask for a glimpse of her breasts during a show in Stockholm on Wednesday.

According to a video of the performance posted to YouTube, the confrontation occurred two minutes into Schumer’s performance, when a male audience member yelled out, “Show us your tits!”

“OK, wait; I want the man who just yelled, ‘Show us your tits’ to come up here,” Schumer declared, asking members of the crowd to point out the heckler.

The audience complied, identifying a Swedish bro wearing a shirt reading, “I Love Pussies.”

Schumer went on the offensive, asking the man what he does for a living. When he replied, “sales,” Schumer asked, “How’s that working out? Is it going well? Because we’re not buying it.”

“If you yell out again, you’re going to be yelling ‘show your tits’ to people in the parking lot, because you’re going to get thrown out,” Schumer continued.

Rather than being chastened into silence, the man interrupted the performance again, at which point the heckler was escorted from the venue.

Watch the dramatic face-off between comedian and heckler in the video below.