‘It Almost Took Him Down’: Ana Navarro Gets Emotional About Husband’s COVID Battle (Video)

“This weekend I have thought of all the people who dropped their loved one off at an ER never to see them again,” she tells “The View”

'It Almost Took Him Down': Ana Navarro Gets Emotional About Husband's COVID Battle (Video)

“The View” guest host Ana Navarro got emotional about her husband’s recent battle with COVID-19 on Monday’s episode, saying that even though her husband is “athletic,” “muscular” and “in great health,” the deadly virus “almost took him down.”

The American political strategist said that things took a turn for her husband when, after several days of convalescence at home, “he was getting worse.”

“My husband got COVID from somebody that works in my house,” she said. “16 people have ended up with COVID from that one person, three of them in the hospital including my husband, who spent five days in the hospital receiving Remdesivir… We made the decision to take him into the hospital for evaluation, and he had pneumonia.”

“He’s home now, he’s feeling great, he’s out of the woods. I am feeling so blessed, and I can’t tell you how much this weekend I have thought of all the people who dropped their loved one off at an ER never to see them again,” she said, maintaining her composure but looking like she was holding back tears. “Not to be able to hold their hand, not to be able to be with them, and they’re never getting to come home again.”

Then she took a moment to bash Trump’s reaction to the virus after getting it himself.

“We are one of the lucky ones, but this hit us hard. It’s scary, and I don’t understand for the life of me how the reaction of Donald Trump after getting COVID is to make light of it, and to be so cavalier about it and to throw away the mask,” she said. “I want a president who believes in science.”

But despite the serious nature of the discussion, Navarro couldn’t help but throw in one of her characteristic jokes.

“I’ve tested negative 6 times. My nostrils, Whoopi, are about to file a sexual assault claim,” she joked. “I have been tested over and over again.”

Watch the clip below.


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