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And Now, the News With Snooki (Video)

"Jersey Shore" breakout guidette weighs in on the issues of the day

Has the rightful heir to Edward R. Murrow's crown finally been discovered?

No, decidedly not — but if you're looking for a semi-amusing take on the events of the day, you could do worse.

"Jersey Shore" charmer Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi recently took her turn at the anchor's desk to produce "The News According to Snooki," a production of AOL's teen-centered website Cambio.

With a jar of pickles on one side of her and a can of hairspray on the other (not to mention the tiara perched on her pouf), the Snookster weighs in on such pertinent topics as Beyonce's VMAs appearance, the damage caused by Hurricane Irene, aliens and global warming.

Hey, could it be any worse than Anderson Cooper cracking himself up over poop jokes?

Ponder that as you check out the video.