Anderson Cooper Channels Inner Austin Powers During Spat With Canadian Reporter: ‘Learn How to Behave’

Cooper shuts down Canadian reporter asking him for a photo; the two then take to Twitter in heated exchange

Last Updated: October 23, 2014 @ 7:35 AM

While reporting in Ottawa Wednesday on the parliament shootings, Anderson Cooper was asked by a local reporter for a photo. And the CNN host was not having it.

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“No, I will not take a photo with you on a day where somebody was killed,” Cooper angrily told Sun News contributor Vandon Gene. “It seems wildly innapropriate.”

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Gene then took to Twitter to take on the CNN star. He’s since pulled all his tweets, but here’s what he said:

.@andersoncooper EXPLOITS #OttawaShooting by flying to #Ottawa, but has decency to critizize me asking for a photo?

@andersoncooper I can’t believe CNN would employ you when you SWEAR to your fans. I covered this story properly. Check my tweets…

@andersoncooper I simply asked for a photo. YOU are exploiting this tragedy by flying to Ottawa from NYC. I just got out of a 12 hr lockdown.

Amazingly, Cooper responded:

Gene walked back his comments Thursday.

The whole things screams: O Canada.