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Anderson Cooper Cracks Himself Up With Poop Jokes (Video)

Esteemed journalist gets down to what’s really important — cramming as many doo-doo puns into a segment as humanly possible

Anderson Cooper might have made his name by rushing across the globe from one disaster to another, but that doesn't mean he can't appreciate the simple, puerile pleasure of a good doo-doo joke once in a while.

Cooper collapsed into a fit of boyish giggles on Wednesday's "Anderson Cooper 360" while delivering a "RidicuList" story on actor Gerard Depardieu urinating on a plane flight earlier this week. Cooper's report was filled with poo puns galore, but he broke into hysterics while noting that the plane crew “should thank their lucky stars this wasn’t DeparTwo.” (A play on the fact that poop is often referred to as "Number Two" among certain childish circles.)

Not to dump on Cooper, but maybe he should stop loafing around and get back to some serious reporting. It is his duty, after all.

Watch A-Coop lose it over bodily functions in the video.