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Anderson Cooper Fleshes Out the Secret Ian Ziering-Chris Farley Connection (Video)

What do a chunky dead funnyman and a ”90210“ second-stringer have in common? AC360’s RidicuList breaks it down for you

What do Ian Ziering and Chris Farley have in common, besides being dashing icons of the 1990s, easily one of the 14 best decades of the past century?

They also have a connection to the cherished male dance troupe Chippendales.

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CNN newsman stripped away the B.S. and connected the dots on Thursday night’s edition of his “The RidicuList” segment, exposing the fact that Ziering — best known as the aggressively bland Steve Sanders on “Beverly Hills, 90210” — and deceased “Saturday Night Live” funnyman Farley are more alike than meets the eye.

Noting that Ziering — recent star of the camp-tastic Syfy movie “Sharknado” — had recently taken to moonlighting as an emcee for Chippendales, Cooper played a clip of one shirtless entertainer noting that the female attendees can expect a certain level of entertainment from a Chippendales performance.

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“It’s true; I guess one does expect a certain standard from a Chippendale’s show, and nowhere was that ever more apparent than on ‘Saturday Night Live,'” Cooper said, before cutting to a classic 1990 “SNL” clip of a chiseled Patrick Swayze and a less-than-chiseled Farley shaking their stuff at a Chippendales audition.

“9021” oh, no, he didn’t. Wait, roll back the tape — oh, yes, he did!

Watch the clip above.