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Anderson Cooper Goes Spray Tanning with Snooki (Video)

"Jersey Shore" star helps talk show host get darker

You might think, after his tanning date with Snooki, that Anderson Cooper might already be rethinking his new gig.

But, as you can see in the video clip below, the self-professed pop culture/reality TV junkie seems to be having as good a time as one could have while getting his first spray tan, orchestrated by none other than The Queen Of All Things Fake Orange.

The funniest, by which we mean really saddest, parts of the clip: the "Jersey Shore" star acting like Cooper is the strange one for not being orange; Snooki (born Nicole Polizzi) making Cooper wait at the tanning center while she opts for an impromptu teeth-whitening session; Snooki referring to the silver-haired newsie as "Mr. Anderstan"; and Snooki telling A.C. he'll look like her "Jersey Shore" pal Ronnie after he gets muscles spray-painted on.

In her world, that's a good thing, and let's face it, right now, it's Snooki's world we're living in.