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Andre 3000 Serenades LAX Terminal With Flute Solo

One OutKast fan had her mind blown while waiting for her flight

From Bono to Springsteen, it’s not uncommon for famous musicians to go busking and blow the minds of some fans who just happen to pass by. You can now add OutKast’s Andre 3000 to this time-honored tradition.

On Friday, NPR producer Antonia Cereijido was waiting for her flight at Los Angeles International Airport when she spotted a man playing a double flute. The impromptu performance immediately reminded her of Andre 3000’s woodwind solos on some of his past albums, and to her surprise, it was the rapper himself performing with a Mayan double flute.

“Now I’m like…I should’ve talked about how good his verse on Solo is,” Cereijido wrote in a follow-up tweet. “And how my mom once had a dream he taught our family to dance the hey ya dance and we had achieved the American Dream. W/E NO REGRETS.”

The man also known as Andre Benjamin has delved into many different artistic endeavors over the years. In addition to his work with Big Boi in OutKast, he starred and produced a short-lived, cult hit animated series “Class of 3000,” for the Cartoon Network that ran from 2006-2008. He has also performed the bass clarinet on a pair of jazz tracks he released on Mother’s Day last year. Most recently, Benjamin starred alongside Robert Pattinson in Claire Denis’ avant-garde sci-fi film “High Life.”

Check out some reactions from Andre 3000 fans about his unexpected flute solo, and a closer look at the instrument below:


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