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Andrew Breitbart: ‘There Are Other Anthony Weiners Out There’

The conservative blogger tells TheWrap that the sexting scandal will silence his critics

Conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart told TheWrap on Wednesday that Rep. Anthony Weiner's explicit tweets and photos are just the tip of the iceberg among politicians.

“It’s the silence of the lambs," he said in an interview, after tweeting his way across the country on a flight.

"The Republican class knows that lurking in their closets are other Anthony Weiners. Over the last five years, the Republicans are edging out Democrats in these type of sordid stories."

Breitbart said that his point in pushing what has become a national political scandal over the Democratic congressman, was to show that sexual misconduct does matter. And he said the lack of condemnation by politicians showed that they probably have others in their ranks with similar problems.

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"I think there are may people in Congress who are scared that the ‘It’s just about sex’ excuse has run out of its merits," he said. "The silence is deafening."

Breitbart said he had no specific evidence of other scandals.

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Breitbart said he thinks that Weiner will ultimately be forced to surrender his seat in the wake of the scandal. He gives the New York Democrat until noon tomorrow before he resigns.

He also thinks that the photo of Weiner leaked Wednesday won’t be the last embarrassing revelation the congressman will suffer through. When it comes to sordid Twitpics, however, Breitbart’s cupboard is bare.

“I’m not holding back anything. I think that reporters are out there finding new women every day and chat transcripts,” Breitbart said. “And the younger girls — he said he couldn’t say for certain whether he’s had communications with girls that are under age.”

Breitbart insisted that he did not intend for the photo to make its way public and that radio shock jocks Opie and Anthony released it without his permission. However, he defended his decision to show the evidence to the radio hosts and to other news producers. 

"I never said I wouldn't show proof to people, especially when there are people publicly doubting me," Breitbart said. 

Weiner’s acknowledgement that he had indeed engaged in sexting with six different women is something of a vindication for the right-wing provocateur after the blowback he received for his role in the resignation of Shirley Sherrod last year.

The Department of Agriculture worker was forced from her job after Breitbart posted a video in which Sherrod appeared to condone racism.

He’s still smarting over the attacks and the lawsuit that ensued, saying that left-leaning publications misappropriated his original piece on Sherrod’s remarks, but he thinks that the impact of his Weiner scoop will make it more difficult for his critics to discredit him in the future.

“All I have to do is point to this story. The same people who misrepresented the Sherrod story misrepresented the truth in the Weiner story. Salon, Media Matters, Huffington Post, and Daily Kos were all using the Sherrod strategy to create a false narrative,” Breitbart said.