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Andrew Garfield, James Corden Get Naked and (Poorly) Audition for ‘Game of Thrones’ (Video)

They’re both terrible

James Corden’s parents wish their son had landed a role on “Game of Thrones” instead of this silly CBS late (late) night gig. Well, apparently he auditioned — and so did Andrew Garfield.

On Thursday’s “Late Late Show,” Corden and his guest shared their (faux) tryouts for the hit HBO drama.

They both make pretty bad Jon Snows.

Corden really wanted the gig. At a certain point, Corden made it very clear that he is willing to cut his balls off with a butcher knife to play Varys the eunuch. Or Reek (a.k.a. Theon) the eunuch. Or anyone who has been castrated, really.

Garfield proved he can go method too. The former “Spider-Man” was down to have sex with his own real-life sister in order to play Jaime Lannister properly.

Not gaining much ground as individuals, the two then teamed up to play The Mountain. Pass. They teamed up to act out the Ned Stark beheading scene. Pass.

Clearly, it was desperation time. That’s when Corden entered the casting office completely naked, save the Mother of Dragons wig.┬áNo? How about Cersei? That’s just a different wig.

Garfield got in on the nudity, and they both got shamed.

Watch the video above.