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Ann Coulter Torched on Twitter for Failed Beyonce Smear

Conservative pundit tries to make a point, makes a fool of herself instead

Ann Coulter, unable to distinguish one person of color from another? Shocking, yes, but apparently true.

Conservative pundit Coulter felt the wrath of the Beyhive on Thursday, after failing spectacularly at trying to call out Beyonce.

Coulter was likely trying to make some point or another about hypocrisy on Twitter Thursday night, when she posted, “Beyonce, cited by Michelle Obama as role model for her daughters, sings about ‘p—y curvalicious, served delicious.’ Oh my. I just fainted.”

The ardent Trump supporter was likely trying to make hay out of First Lady Michelle Obama’s criticism of GOP candidate Trump’s now-infamous “grab ‘em by the p—y” comment, which caused massive uproar when it was leaked last week.

The only problem, aside from the massive attempt at deflection, was that Beyonce didn’t sing that lyric. Rather, it was Nicki Minaj, appearing on a remix of the Beyonce track “Flawless.”

Coulter also managed to bungle the lyric slightly.

Needless to say, the Twitterati took note.

“Beyoncé tells women they might grow up to be Bill Gates. Ann Coulter thinks women shouldn’t be able to vote. And that’s a Nicki Minaj lyric,” one Coulter critic noted.

“@AnnCoulter That’s not Beyonce. That’s Nicki Minaj,” another added.

“Remember what happened to Joan Rivers when she talked about Beyonce? @AnnCoulter you don’t want these problems, sis,” another cautioned, adding, “And keep black women’s names out of your mouth, you dry cold unseasoned piece of turkey.”

And so on.

Maybe Coulter should just quote “Mein Kampf” next time she’s trying to make a point; she’s probably a lot more familiar with the material.