Anna Kendrick Didn’t Notice Pharrell’s Hat, Almost Had Stroke During Travolta’s ‘Adele Dazeem’ Flub (Video)

The actress talks awards season’s buzziest moments: “No one wanted to be the one to be like, ‘Did something weird just happen?'”

“Saturday Night Live” host Anna Kendrick has enjoyed an eventful start to 2014 — particularly the awards season — which she partially recounted to Seth Meyers on Tuesday’s “Late Night.”

First, at the Grammys, Kendrick co-presented with “SNL” musical guest Pharrell Williams and his now-famous hat, which she somehow didn’t even notice until the Twitter explosion that followed.

“I think in person it just doesn’t seem that big,” Kendrick told the Studio 8G crowd.

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Kendrick also presented at the Oscars, and thus was in the audience for John Travolta‘s even more infamous Idina Menzel name flub.

“I think everyone individually thought, ‘Did I just have a mini-stroke at the Oscars?'” the actress recalled. “So no one wanted to be the one to be like, ‘Did something weird just happen?'”

To which Meyers quipped: “And no one wanted to ask you, because they were like, ‘She didn’t even think Pharrell’s hat was big — she’s not the one to ask about did something weird just happen.'”

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Later, Kendrick and Meyers swapped hilarious stories about awards show rehearsal extras taking their gigs way too seriously.

Watch the clip: