Anonymous Targets The Prodigy’s Keith Flint for ‘Murdering Animals’ (Video)

The hacker group isn’t happy with the new hunting hobby Flint has allegedly taken up

Anonymous has made a video targeting The Prodigy’s Keith Flint.

According to Billboard, the band’s frontman caught the attention of the hacker group when the Daily Mail published a story in which they wrote that Flint “has embarked on a new life as a country gent and been spotted riding out with his local hunt.”

In the video, the masked face synonymous with Anonymous tells Flint he has 12 months to clear his name.

“It has come to our attention that Keith has a fetish for murdering animals,” the narrator read. “It has come to our attention that Keith, has been rubbing shoulders with Tory criminals, whilst out fox hunting.”

Anonymous doesn’t seem to like Flint’s new hobby although the group once “admired” his art.

“We once had a great deal of respect for you, we admired your art, your rage and your vision and your haircut, but now. Anonymous have targeted you with the message because you disgrace what we stand for.”

Finally, the masked figure says, “You still have a chance to change your ways Keith. One year should do it.”

In response, Flint posted a message onto the band’s Facebook page.

“In regards to a story going around about me right now – yes I live in essex and have a couple of horses. I went riding with the local trail hunt, it was a ride out and NO ANIMALS WERE HUNTED OR KILLED, so my conscience is clear, it wasn’t my thing and I won’t be going again.”

Watch the video above, and read Flint’s response below.

Message from Keef Flint: ‘In regards to a story going around about me right now – yes I live in essex and have a couple…

Posted by The Prodigy on Sunday, January 3, 2016