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Thirst Trap for a Cause: Ansel Elgort Posts Nude Photo to Raise Money for Pandemic Meal Program

We need more celebrity charity work like this, please

Ansel Elgort has shown the new face — and body — of celebrity charity work. The star of “Baby Driver” and the upcoming “West Side Story” remake on Tuesday posted a nude photo of himself to raise money for a meal program for Brooklyn hospital workers in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

The barely-safe-for-work Instagram photo, which shows Elgort in an outdoor shower barely covering his privates, was even taken by his father, acclaimed photographer Arthur Elgort. (He later deleted the photo from his account.)

The actor linked to a GoFundMe page for Brooklyn for Life!, organized by actor Jeffrey Wright.

“This outbreak is touching all of us, whether or not we come in contact with the coronavirus. Of course, on the frontlines of efforts to protect us from this pandemic are the healthcare workers and the first responders. They’re feeling pressures right now of which most of us are unaware,” Wright wrote on the page. “As well, small businesses, particularly locally owned restaurants, are facing financial pressures as Brooklyn self-isolates to slow the spread of COVID-19. They’ve had to lay off workers, their revenues have dropped, or they’ve shuttered their doors completely. But many are still rolling by converting their operations to full-time takeout & delivery service. We will work to help address both of these challenges, fueled by your tax-deductible donation.”

He explained that Brooklyn for Life! is an initiative managed by Brooklyn NY for Life!, Inc., ramping up to 2,500 meals per day by a partnership of restaurants in the Brooklyn area.

“Our goal is to fund each Brooklyn for Life! restaurant, enabling them to provide — at no cost to the recipients — at least 75-100 meals per day for delivery to the Brooklyn frontlines of this pandemic,” Wright wrote. “Restaurants are culture in Brooklyn. They’re where we eat, of course. They’re how we stay connected. They’re where we live.”

See below for Elgort’s image.

ansel elgort nude selfie

Photo: Arthur Elgort