Anthony Anderson Doesn’t ‘Know Any Negro That’s Voting for Ben Carson’ (Video)

The “Black-ish” star will not vote for the neurosurgeon in the 2016 Presidential Election

Anthony Anderson might not know who he’s going to vote for in the presidential election, but he knows who it definitely won’t be.

“I know who I’m not going to vote for,” he told “Late Night” host Seth Meyers. “The black guy.”

The “Black-ish” star went on to explain that back in 2008, many people believed that “people in the African-American community only voted for Barack Obama because he is black,” but that “that theory does not hold any weight” anymore.

“I don’t know any negro that’s voting for Ben Carson,” he said. “I mean, his wife isn’t even voting for him. I saw her with a ‘Go Hillary’ button on the other day.”

According to a recent NBC/Wall Street Journal poll, Carson is slipping to the bottom of the polls with a current standing of 10 percent among the Republican nominees. The poll was taken after the New Hampshire Primary and shows that only Jeb Bush is coming in lower than Carson, at four percent.

Watch the interview above.