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Anthony Anderson Explains How to Survive a Nuclear Attack in Los Angeles (Video)

Anderson with a vital public service during his last night filling in for Jimmy Kimmel

For his last night filling in as a guest host on “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” Anthony Anderson provided a helpful public service: A how-to guide for surviving a nuclear attack in Los Angeles, inspired by the absolutely insane PSA New Yorkers were recently subjected to.

Before that, of course Anderson told some jokes inspired by amusing news items. For instance, the spike in COVID-19 variants in Los Angeles, or what people think of his hosting. Then he did a bit inspired b y a recent report that California ranks 9th in terms of risk to pedestrians.

“According to a new report, California is the 9th most dangerous state for pedestrians. Well yeah, well that’s where my Mama has her driver’s license so, you know,” He joked.

After Anderson also listed the states most dangerous for Black People to walk around in — “f— it, all of them” — he then got to nuclear attacks.

“A lot of New Yorkers are freaked out right now, because the city’s office of emergency management put out this terrifying PSA about what to do in the event of a nuclear attack,” He explained, referring to this wild story.

Anderson then ran a huge portion of the PSA, which contains a whole lot of advice that definitely won’t help people if they happen to survive a nuclear attack on their city, and then ends with what feels like a parody, as the actor in the video says “you’ve got this.”

“’You’ve got this?’ No we don’t,” Anderson said. “And wait a minute, put that back up. The craziest thing about this video is that anyone in New York could afford an apartment that big.”

At this point a screenshot of the ad appeared, and yes, it’s absolutely gigantic for a New York City apartment.

“Look at that. If you can afford that place, you can afford your own doomsday bunker,” he continued. That’s when he redirected the audience to LA.

“We don’t have any rules in LA for a nuclear attack, so I made some up. Wanna hear them? Okay. Here’s what you should do if there’s a nuclear attack in Los Angeles,” Anderson said.

“Step one: roll yourself up in a yoga mat. Step two: zip your comfort chihuahua in your purse. Step three: kiss your ass implants goodbye. And that’s that!”

Watch the whole monologue, which also contains a heartwarming celebration of several people who recently became U.S. citizens, above.