Antonio Banderas on How He Avoided Playing a ‘Caricature’ of Pedro Almodóvar in ‘Pain and Glory’ | Video

Toronto Film Festival 2019: ”I could’ve done a career only with the eight movies I’ve done with Almodóvar,“ the actor says

Though he’s worked with the Spanish auteur Pedro Almodóvar across eight films, Antonio Banderas found the most meaningful one yet was his work on “Pain and Glory,” in which Banderas is playing a thinly fictionalized version of the director himself.

Banderas recognized many of the moments in the film from Almodóvar’s life, and the director actually gave Banderas permission to utilize some of his mannerisms as a way of getting into character. But in an interview at the Toronto Film Festival, Banderas explained why he stuck to the script and made the character his own.

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Brian Welk

Film Reporter • • Twitter: @brianwelk