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‘Aquarius’ Star Sonia Braga Sounds Off on Sex and Aging (Exclusive Video)

”Women of any age don’t lose their sexuality,“ Brazilian star tells TheWrap

Brazilian actress Sonia Braga isn’t letting a little thing like age curb her carnal enthusiasm.

On the surface, her latest movie, “Aquarius,” is about an aging woman who refuses to succumb to a formidable group of developers trying to force her out of her apartment. But, looking deeper, it’s the story of a woman who has remained powerful — and sexual — well into her years.

“It’s too funny, because women of any age don’t lose their sexuality,” Braga told TheWrap’s Steve Pond.

Most of the roles Braga has tackled in her career have been very sensual. “I’ve been asked all my life, ‘What about the sex scene?’ But when I [played a scene] on a horse, running away, that was more difficult for me to do because that I don’t do usually.”

The political tone in “Aquarius” has touched nerves in Brazil. It was given a more restrictive rating than it probably deserved, and the head of the Brazilian Oscar selection committee has spoken out against its director, Kleber Mendonca Filho.

“If you join the dots, there seems to be something against the film in Brazil,” Filho told TheWrap. “But, at the same time, it has generated an amazing energy around.”

Watch the video above.