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Arby’s Sets Beef With Jon Stewart Aside, Buys Ads on ‘Daily Show’ (Video)

Fast food chain takes Comedy Central host’s insults over the years and bundles them up into a 30-second commercial spot

Score one for Arby’s.

The fast food chain has reportedly taken all of Jon Stewarts insults on “The Daily Show” over the last few years and bundled them up into two different 30-second commercials which it plans on airing during his penultimate episode on Wednesday.

During the past decade, Stewart has taken some funny yet harsh jabs at Arby’s food calling it “a dare for your colon,” “shock and awe for your bowels,” and even inventing fake slogans such as, “Arby’s: Technically it’s food” and “Arby’s: Because your hunger is stronger than your memory.”

But Arby’s is taking the high road, airing two spots during the Comedy Central show’s second to last show at a cost of $230,000 a pop.

Either Arby’s has no beef with Stewart or, more likely, it’s looking to tap into the “Daily Show’s” young audience which is expected to skyrocket as the show says its final goodbye on Thursday.

Watch one of Arby’s ads here.