Arnold Schwarzenegger Goes ‘Undercover’ at Gold’s Gym for Charity: It’s His Best Performance Yet (Video)

It’s not entirely clear whether or not his disguise actually fooled anybody working out, though

Arnold Schwarzenegger has promoted his charity in the best way possible: Going “undercover” at Gold’s Gym as a regional manager named Howard Kleiner.

The 66-year-old former Mr. Universe put on a black wig and matching mustache to give gym patrons fitness advice on hidden camera in order to raise awareness for the After-School All-Stars Program.

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“When it burns, it grows,” Schwarzenegger tells one woman, then advises another: “Remember, we do everything in reps. You’ve done two reps of water drinking, usually we do 10 reps of every thing, so do another rep of water drinking.”

The video is full of terrific one liners improved by Schwarzenegger, and is worth watching just to hear him say, “I’m Howard Kleiner. I’m here to help you.”

Schwarzenegger will next be seen flexing his comedic chops in a Bud Light commercial premiering during the Super Bowl next month.