Ashton Kutcher Tells Charlie Sheen to ‘Shut the F— Up’ About ‘Two and a Half Men’ (Video)

The former star of the CBS sitcom heard him, too

Ashton Kutcher wishes Charlie Sheen would “shut the f–k up” about “Two and a Half Men” already.

The actor who replaced Sheen on the hit CBS sitcom three years ago made a “public plea” while appearing on ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live” on Wednesday.

“Seriously. Like, enough already,” Kutcher said at the end of the interview (above). “It’s like three years later and you’re still blowing me up on Twitter. C’mon, dude. Really?”

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Sheen — who was fired from the show in 2011 after his wild personal life began to interfere with production — heard the message loud and clear. He took to Twitter on Thursday morning to apologize.