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Donald Trump Walks Out of Interview After Being Questioned on Racism (Video)

”I am the least racist person you’ve ever met,“ GOP presidential candidate declares

Donald Trump stormed away from an interview on Thursday when the topic of racism was broached, as evidenced by video published by Columbus, Ohio NBC affiliate WCMH.

The GOP presidential candidate was being interviewed by the station’s Colleen Marshall prior to his rally in Delaware, Ohio, when Marshall brought up the perception held by some that Trump is a racist. And a sexist.

“Nineteen days out from the election, you’ve been labeled a racist, you’ve been called a sexist, how …” Marshall began.

“Thank you very much,” Trump, who’s been accused of sexual misconduct by numerous women, abruptly interjected, and began walking away.

“How do you respond to that?” Marshall continued.

“I am the least racist person you’ve ever met,” Trump shot back, before making his final exit.

Among the racist accusations railed against Trump are his desire to have a wall built between the United States and Mexico, and declaring the exonerated Central Park Five defendants to be guilty (despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary).

Watch Trump storm off in the video.