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‘Ava-toad': Toxic 3D Cane Toads Take Sundance by Storm

Documentary explores amphibians’ invasion of Australia

Toxic cane toads have taken the Sundance Film Festival by storm in an irreverent new 3D documentary exploring the warty amphibians’ invasion of Australia.

Director Mark Lewis hopes his film — "Cane Toads: The Conquest" — will encourage the public to take a different view of the creatures, which are reviled as a pest and a threat to indigenous species in Australia.

It is the second time the Austalian film-maker has investigated the toads, which were introduced to the country in 1935 in a misguided attempt to control beetles ravaging sugar cane fields in the tropical northeast.

But unlike his first film — 1988’s cult classic "Cane Toads: An Unnatural History" — Lewis’s latest movie was shot in 3D, which the director says allowed him to "tell the story from the toads point of view."

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