Academy Elects 4 First-Time Governors

Gale Anne Hurd, David Newman, Richard Crudo and Michael Tronick join 43-member board, which drops to six women

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, which received some new blood this month with the appointment of Dawn Hudson as CEO, has added four first-time members to its Board of Governors, the ultimate decision-making body within the Academy.

Gale Anne HurdCinematographer Richard P. Crudo, producer Gale Anne Hurd (left), composer David Newman and film editor Michael Tronick will join the 43-member board, which is made up of three representatives from 14 of the Academy's 15 branches, plus a single rep from the Makeup Artists & Hairstylists Branch.

The number of first-time governors is typical for the Academy, which elected three newcomers last year and four in 2009.

Of the 14 governors elected, four are brand new to the board, three are returning after hiatuses and seven are standing board members who won reelection.

The former board members who are returning are Michael Apted from the Documentary Branch, Cheryl Boone Isaacs from Public Relations, and Paul Mazursky from Directors.

The reelected governors are Craig Barron, Annette Bening, Don Hall, Jeffrey Kurland, John Lasseter, Robert Rehme and Phil Robinson.

Governors who will be leaving the board include director Martha Coolidge, former Academy president Sid Ganis and producer Kathleen Kennedy.

Elections rotate so that one seat from each branch is up for reelection each year. Governors are allowed to serve three-year terms, after which they must take a year off.

The election reduced the number of women on the AMPAS board from seven to six. Although Hurd joins the board and Isaacs returns after a hiatus, the board lost Coolidge, Kennedy and documentarian Lynne Littman.

(Photo by AMPAS)