‘The Artist': The Hardest Part Was Finding the Money (Video)

Small movie, big buzz — director Michel Hazanavicius and star Berenice Bejo talk about their unexpected film-festival sensation

French director Michel Hazanavicius has called "The Artist" a "small and modest" film, but his black-and-white, silent charmer about the early days of sound in Hollywood is making a big noise on the awards circuit these days.

Hazanavicius and his leading lady (and partner) Berenice Bejo came to TheWrap Screening Series on Wednesday night at the Landmark in West Los Angeles, and before their post-screening Q&A the couple adjourned to the theater's green room and did a brief video interview about recreating 1920s Los Angeles, drawing inspiration from Joan Crawford and finding the freedom to be ridiculous in the silent film genre.

This is the serious side of Hazanavicius and Bejo; for the playful, funny side, read TheWrap's account of their Q&A with Sharon Waxman after the screening.

TheWrap Screening Series continues on November 8 with a screening of Pedro Almodovar's "The Skin I Live In" and a conversation with the director.