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‘Bachelorette’ Contestant Puts the ‘Whaboom’ Into Reality Dating Show’s Limo Arrivals (Video)

Lucas Yancey claims to be 6-foot-8 and have ”one testicle bigger than the other“ … yes, seriously

They say you can never make a first impression twice, and one “Bachelorette” contestant will prove that right on the Season 13 premiere.

After one of  JoJo Fletcher’s suitors turned up in a unicorn mask last season for his limo arrival, “Whaboom” guy Lucas Yancey went into full boxing announcer mode to meet Rachel Lindsay in a sneak peek of Monday’s episode.

Yep, we said “Whaboom” guy, as that’s what the 30-year-old from California said his occupation was in his official “Bachelorette” bio (which was later disabled). And we’ve no clue what that means either …

When he pulls up in the limo, Yancey keeps the window closed while speaking through a loudspeaker as if he were welcoming a fighter into the ring. “Standing 6-foot-8 and weighing a whopping 195 pounds of pure, lean muscle mass, he also has one testicle larger than the other,” he booms. “Your future husband!”

Lindsay looks less than convinced when 6-foot Lucas gets out and pretends not to know her name. “I look very average,” he quips. “But it’s all about ‘Whaboom.’

“If you want a glimpse of it, I can give it to you now.”

Whoa! We thought this was a family show …

Host Chris Harrison offered a little insight into what Whaboom means in an interview with E! earlier this week, but that didn’t really help clear up the matter. “It’s one of those words that can be like — it’s an essence, it’s a lifestyle, it’s an occupation but it’s also a verb,” he said on Thursday. “You can Whaboom and you can be Whaboom.”

Watch the video below to see what the Whaboom really looks like (Hint: It’s like a cross between “The Exorcist” and Road Runner).

Then see Yancey and the rest of the Season 13 contestants on Monday night’s premiere at 9 p.m. on ABC.