Jimmy Kimmel Gives Former ‘Bachelor’ Sean Lowe’s Pre-Marital Sex Life a Lie Detector Test (Video)

The ABC late-night host set out to prove whether or not Lowe and his new bride Catherine Giudici had sex before their televised wedding on Sunday

Former “Bachelor” Sean Lowe and his new bride, Catherine Giudici, publicly stated that they did not have sex before marriage, and Jimmy Kimmel put them to the test on Monday.

The day after the reality television couple’s televised wedding special, “The Bachelor: Sean and Catherine’s Wedding,” Kimmel showed the pair backstage taking a professional lie detector test.

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The results? Well, they both were telling the truth when they answered, “Yes,” they regret agreeing to a lie detector test for Kimmel.

As for their vow of pre-marital celibacy? Watch the video (above) to find out the results.