‘Back to the Future’ Day by the Numbers: Brits More Fired Up Than Americans on Social Media

Millions of fans posted their memories of classic film series on Twitter and Facebook

According to TheWrap’s calculations, “Back to the Future” Day kicked up some serious DeLorean dust.

Not only did fans turn out worldwide for a theatrical re-release, racking up $4.8 million in global ticket sales, but they took to social media in droves to celebrate Oct. 21, 2015, the day Marty and Doc Brown traveled to from 1985 in “Back to the Future Part 2.”

27 million people on Facebook put up 45 million posts, comments, and likes related to “Back To the Future Day” in the 24-hour period.

The U.S. was actually No. 2 to the United Kingdom in terms of percentage of Facebook users commenting on the film, a representative for Facebook told TheWrap. Following those two countries in terms of engagement were Iceland, Ireland, and Canada.

In the U.S., the most engaged states were, in order, Utah, Michigan, New Hampshire, Indiana, and Delaware.

Twitter told a very similar story, with 2.4 million tweets being sent about the film on Wednesday. On the interactive map below, one can see that fans sent the most tweets around 12:30 p.m. ET, with over 3,000 tweets a minute being generated.

Among the most re-tweeted moments of the day were President Obama’s message to Michael J. Fox, which read, “Happy Back to the Future Day, @RealMikeFox! Ever think about the fact that we live in the future we dreamed of then? That’s heavy, man.”

Fans also re-tweeted the image of a letter Michael J. Fox received from Nike along with a working pair of power laces shoes over 30,000 times by the time of this publishing.