BASF, One of Laura Ingraham’s Last Advertisers, Drops Out

Chemical company becomes 26th sponsor to pull its ads from embattled Fox News show

German chemical company BASF has pulled its ads from “The Ingraham Angle,” becoming at least the 26th sponsor to join a growing advertisers boycott against Fox News host Laura Ingraham.

Responding to a tweet from a user urging BASF to join the boycott, the company said Friday: “Hi, thank you for your message. Our advertising selection is based on channels rather than individual shows. However, we have adjusted this schedule so it will not include Ms. Ingraham’s show.”

BASF, which was featured on Thursday night’s episode, was one Ingraham’s few remaining national sponsors in recent days. The show has seen a mass-exodus of advertisers, sparked by a recent Ingraham-penned in tweet in which she mocked 17-year-old Parkland mass shooting survivor, David Hogg.

More of Ingraham’s advertisers joined the boycott this week, including Red Lobster, Mitsubishi, Blue Apron and SlimFast. But the cable news show was able to bring back at least one of its feeling sponsors. Ace Hardware ads were back in rotation Thursday night after the company announced last week it was parting ways with the Fox News host.

Ingraham was hit hard by an advertiser boycott campaign spearheaded by Hogg after she ridiculed him for “whining” about his rejection from several California colleges. Since the campaign began, most of her biggest sponsors, including Mitsubishi, Blue Apron, SlimFast, and IBM have bailed, and ad time on “The Ingraham Angle” has been cut roughly in half.

Thursday’s show featured 12 national brands, a slight uptick from the day Ingraham returned from vacation on Monday, when the show featured only seven brands.

The list of advertisers included Thursday: BASF, Ace Hardware, Gilead, Spectrum, Ovation Hair, Invisalign, Beaches Resorts, MyPillow, Tac Light Elite, Senekot, Cabela’s, Old Dominion and last but not least hemorrhoid care system RectiCare.

Fox News did not immediately respond to a request for comment.