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Batman ’89 v Superman ’78: The Honest Trailers Showdown (Video)

Let’s look back on a simpler time, when movie Batman and movie Superman didn’t know each other existed

We’re all wound up this week dealing with Batman’s cinematic court battle with the Man of Steel in “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,” yes.

But Screen Junkies decided now is the time to look back at their predecessors with “Honest Trailers” of Tim Burton‘s “Batman” and Richard Donner‘s “Superman” films.

For those not familiar with Honest Trailers, the videos lampoon films with jokey commentary. Think Mystery Science Theater 3000, but only for a few minutes per movie.

This showdown is a competition of sorts — whichever caped hero gets the most views will get another of his films trailerized next, either “Batman Begins” or “Superman Returns.”

You can’t really lose either way, and if you’re riding high/seething with rage after watching “Batman v Superman,” then this should help you wind down.

The Honest Trailer for “Superman” is above and for “Batman” is below.