Real-Life Batman Battles Creepy Clowns in the UK (Photos)

Looks like Batman got rid of the Jokers who were menacing the UK town of Whitehaven

Batman battles creepy clowns in UK

Batman, or at least a man dressed like Batman, is suiting up to chase off creepy clowns that have been frightening children in a United Kingdom town.

Recent clown sightings were scaring children of Whitehaven, but images of the Dark Knight chasing a clown through the night seems to have given locals some comfort. In fact, a

The BBC Cumbria Facebook page recently posted a few photos of their caped crusader, who is part of the Cumbria Superheroes.


batman bbc

Here is an image of Batman chasing down one of the Jokers. His anti-clown crime-fighting efforts seem to be doing the trick.

batman chases down clowns

After Batman restored order to Whitehaven, one child wrote to the caped crusader to thank him for allowing them to return to school without worrying about a random clown showing up.

The letter shared by the child’s mother reads: “Hi Batman my name is xxx…I have been scared of this clown situation (school told us about it yesterday).. I seen on my mammy fb that u caught the clown this means I can go to school and not be scared thank you for your efforts… my mam says you might be at whitehaven xmas light switch on… do u have a bat mobile… I hope your their so I can see you and your mobile. Love xxx”

With the clown plague in Whitehaven currently contained, Batman can now focus on battling Deathstroke in the upcoming standalone film.

Watch this real-life Batman send a message to creepy clowns in the video below.