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Beavis and Butt-head Mock the Hand That Feeds in New Trailer (Video)

With little in the way of music on MTV these days, Mike Judge's animated snark-meisters turn their sights on Snooki and the gang

Will Beavis and Butt-head ever grow up and learn to play well with others?

We certainly hope not.

Mike Judge's beloved animated trash-talkers return to MTV on Oct. 27 and, much like when they ripped on the videos aired by their host network in the '90s, this time they're verbally eviscerating the reality TV fare that MTV runs in lieu of music videos these days.

In a new trailer for the upcoming season, the head-banging snark-meisters beat up on "Jersey Shore" (reflecting on a hook-up chart that the "JS" cast is assembling, they posit, "If they like did this chart long enough, they can show where herpes began") and "16 and Pregnant" ("This would be a better show if they, like, showed them actually getting pregnant").

Oh, and they also attempt to become vampires and werewolves — because that's what the chicks are into these days.

Sniff; welcome back, boys.

Get ready to work up your best juvenile "huh-huh" and check out the trailer in the video.