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Ben Carson’s Rap Radio Ad Is Here to Massage Your Ears With ‘Murican Pride (Audio)

GOP presidential candidate shows off his mad flow and intense commitment to personal responsibility

Having trouble relating to the presidential campaign, kids? Allow Dr. Ben Carson to bring you into the fray with his mad flow and profound concern for the nation.

GOP presidential candidate Carson is putting the “M” and “C” back in “America” with a new radio ad that combines rap music with Carson’s thoughts on the American spirit.

“America became a great nation early on not because it was flooded with politicians, but because it was flooded with people who understood the value of personal responsibility, hard work, creativity, innovation, and that’s what will get us on the right track now,” Carson spits in one particularly fiery line.

But he isn’t done dropping science there. Ben Carson wants you to join him in gripping the baton of freedom firmly and passionately.

“I’m very hopeful that I’m not the only one who’s willing to pick up the baton of freedom,” Carson says in the ad. “Because freedom is not free, and we must fight for it every day.”

The radio ad, on the other hand? Totally free. And worth every penny. Give it a listen below. Make sure to fight the power — along with your urge to puncture your eardrums with a steak knife.