Bernie Sanders Wins Maine in Landslide

Vermont senator overwhelms Hillary Clinton in the state’s Democratic presidential caucuses

Bernie Sanders
Getty Images

Voters in Maine are feeling the Bern.

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton were just kicking off the CNN Democratic presidential debate when caucuses in Maine were called at 8:04 PT on Sunday night.

Maine is the eighth state that Sanders has won in his bid to become the Democratic candidate. The senator from Vermont appears to have won the state by a wide margin.

With 25 Maine delegates at stake, Sanders is assured of winning at least 14 while Clinton stands to gain at least six. Clinton still has a substantial lead overall, but Sanders has now won eight of the 19 states that voted in primaries or caucuses to date.

Out of 134 delegates at stake this weekend, Sanders will win at least 66 and Clinton at least 63. Five additional delegates have not been allocated in Maine yet.