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Beyonce Signs on to Endorse Vizio HDTVs

Deal lets manufacturer use her image in ads, marketing, product packaging and point-of-sale materials

Pop icon and actress Beyonce Knowles-Carter has signed a three-year endorsement deal with Vizio, the top LCD HDTV company in the U.S.

Financial terms of the agreement were not released.

The deal grants to Vizio Beyonce’s name and likeness rights for advertising, product packaging, internet, promotions, public relations and point-of-sale materials. It also allows the singer-actress to have a say in the design and performance characteristics of new products from Vizio’s line of audio, visual and web-enabled products.

The news comes a day after pop star Lady Gaga signed on to become creative director of a specialty line of imaging products for Polaroid.

Although Beyonce’s arrangement currently specifies endorsements in North America, it includes language that would allow its expansion as Vizio enters new markets around the world.

“BeyoncĂ© is in an elite class of entertainers who are globally known and respected for their talent on stage and in front of the camera,” Laynie Newsome, Vizio’s co-founder and VP, sales and marketing communications, said in a statement. “We believe both Vizio and BeyoncĂ© are closely aligned as American success stories who have redefined the rules in our respective industries.”

Vizio maintained its No. 1 U.S. LCD ranking though the third quarter of 2009, according to iSuppli, and had twice the Q3 shipment volume of Sony in the U.S. More than 13 million U.S. households own Vizio HDTVs.

“What I love about VIZIO is how committed they have been to customers and their focus on delivering tremendous performance at a great value,” Knowles-Carter said in a statement. “As a performer, I can relate to that, because my fans spend their hard-earned money to see me perform, and I give everything I can to make sure I exceed their expectations."