Beyonce’s Curves Photoshopped by W Magazine, Fans Allege (Photo)

Eagle-eyed fans say W slimmed down the singer’s legs

lemonade beyonce

Fans are slamming W Magazine, saying it photoshopped a picture of Beyonce to slim down her legs and curves.

“Jesus these ain’t even her legs!! Photoshopping is getting absurd! Get real,” one user commented on the picture on Instagram.

“Terrible job,” wrote another. “She loves and embraces her curves and thighs… why would you photoshop them?”

“Agreed with everyone that this Photoshop is OTT,” added another fan. “The [bee] is perfect the way she is in REAL life.”

The magazine’s picture shows the singer, who just released her new album “Lemonade” on the weekend, in a leather ensemble, boots and a feathered-looking bolero-type jacket. The caption on the image, uploaded Monday, says, “God she might not be, but #Lemonade proves that it’s still @Beyonce’s world, and we just live in it.”

While the magazine has not yet responded to TheWrap’s request for comment, others rushed to the defense of W Magazine, claiming that this picture was taken in 2011, a year when “she was going super hard and was thinner.”

“This is an OLD PIC from 2011 you idiots!!” one user wrote. “BEFORE she gave birth to blue! Hush you insecure idiots!!!”

Here’s the picture: