Biden Sasses Fox News’ Peter Doocy Over Question About Putin

The playful back-and-forth between Doocy and Biden is looking like a bit political observers will see more of in the future

joe biden peter doocy
Getty Images; Fox News

President Joe Biden got sassy with Fox News’ Peter Doocy Tuesday when the White House correspondent asked him about a recent call with Russian president Vladimir Putin.

“Mr. President,” called out Doocy, who covered Biden during the 2020 presidential campaign. “What did you talk to Vladimir Putin about?”

Biden quipped, “You. He sends his best!”

Other assembled journalists laughed as Biden put on his face mask and exited the briefing.

The moment came one day after Biden called on Doocy during a different briefing, saying, “I know he always asks me tough questions and he always has an edge to them, but I like him anyway, so go ahead and ask the question.”

Amid a series of staffing and scheduling shakeups, Fox News announced earlier this month that White House correspondent John Roberts would be leaving the West Wing to host his own hour-long program on the cable network. Doocy was announced as the channel’s new White House correspondent shortly thereafter. He joins colleague Kristin Fisher in the briefing room.

Prior to covering Biden’s campaign for Fox News, Doocy worked on coverage of the Democratic primary field. He first joined Fox News as a general assignment reporter in 2009 just after graduating from Villanova University.


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