‘Big Bang Theory’ Boss Chuck Lorre Has a Two-Word Response to Donald Trump’s Campaign

“Don’t be fooled. Big Daddy can’t save us,” Lorre writes in vanity card for CBS sitcom

Last Updated: November 4, 2016 @ 1:09 PM

So, we’re guessing Chuck Lorre’s with her?

“The Big Bang Theory” co-creator Lorre ripped into Donald Trump’s presidential campaign on Thursday, offering a two-word response to Trump’s campaign — and those two words definitely weren’t “good job.”

In the vanity card accompanying Thursday’s episode of the CBS sitcom, Lorre slammed Trump’s campaign slogan “Make America Great Again,” calling it a “bumper sticker for victimhood.”

“Don’t be fooled. Big Daddy can’t save us. Our salvation lies within ourselves. Within our own ingenuity and determined effort. ‘Make America great again’ is a bumper sticker for victimhood. But we are not victims,” Lorre wrote in a message to the 13.9 million viewers who tuned in to Thursday night’s episode.

Lorre’s basic gist was that America is populated by self-starters who are perfectly capable of lifting themselves up.

Lorre peppered his message with a barrage of profanity, albeit censored.

“We are the creators of opportunity. Sure the system’s rigged. It always has been. So what?! We are a nation of immigrants who have consistently ignored the rigging,” Lorre wrote. “You won’t let us join your club? %#&@ you, we’ll start our own club. You won’t let us go to your school? %#&@ you, we’ll start our own school. You won’t let us earn money your way? %#&@ you, we’ll earn it our way. You won’t give us a chance here? %#&@ you, we will go elsewhere.”

Lorre’s rant concluded, “You want to know what makes America great? I got two words for you.”

It’s uncertain what effect Lorre’s jeremiad will have on Trump supporters — “The Big Bang Theory” does, after all, revolve around science. But still — pretty powerful message…