‘Big Brother’ Fans Hail Claire as ‘Ally of The Century’ for Grace as Veto Replacement

“A genuine friend, a true ally, and a graceful competitor with a heart of gold,” one viewer says

Claire BB23

Things went exactly the way Tiffany hoped they wouldn’t on Wednesday’s episode of “Big Brother,” forcing her to put up her best friend in the house for eviction. But Claire’s grace and support of Tiffany’s reasoning has fans applauding her.

When Tiffany’s original target Alyssa won the power of veto and took herself off the chopping block, Tiffany was forced to either nominate Claire as a replacement, or break up the Cookout alliance, which has remained masterfully hidden. Though Tiffany didn’t outright reveal her alliance to Claire, she did make it clear why Claire had to be her next choice: to preserve the Cookout’s plan of ensuring a Black winner.

“So many people won’t get it,” Claire said in her diary room video after learning of her fate. “But I get it. And that’s why I can’t fight her on this.”

Her words have “Big Brother” fans cheering, dubbing her “the ally of the century” and a “top tier human being.”

At the start of this season, an alliance called The Cookout was formed, made up of Tiffany, Kyland, Xavier, Derek F., Azah and Hannah. Their goal? To ensure that a Black person not only wins “Big Brother,” but that the final six contestants are all people of color.

In her diary video, Claire acknowledged that she totally supports Tiffany and her comrades, citing a long history of people of color exiting the game early.

She still plans to “go out like a lion” and fight as hard as she can, but knowing her fate is all but entirely sealed fans are preparing to say goodbye to her during Thursday’s double eviction.

“Nothing but love and respect for claire,” one person tweeted. “A genuine friend, a true ally, and a graceful competitor with a heart of gold.”

You can check out more reactions to Claire’s words below.


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