Yes, ‘Big Sky’ Star Kylie Bunbury Really Did Spoil Ryan Phillippe’s Fate in Series Premiere

Turns out what she said on “GMA” was very, very true

ABC/Darko Sikman

(Warning: This post contains spoilers for ABC’s series premiere of “Big Sky.”)

So, it turns out Kylie Bunbury actually did give away the big twist for the first episode of David E. Kelley’s new ABC drama “Big Sky” hours ahead of its debut Tuesday.

On “Good Morning America,” Bunbury accidentally revealed that her co-star Ryan Phillippe’s character, Cody Hoyt, would be killed by the end of the pilot, a fact that turned out to not at all be a bluff when the episode aired at 10/9c that night.

In the series premiere of “Big Sky,” which follows private investigator Cody, his ex, Jenny (Katheryn Winnick), and his partner, Cassie (Bunbury) as they begin to investigate the abduction of two teen girls in a small town in Montana, Cody is shot and killed by local state trooper Rick Legarski (played by John Carroll Lynch), who we thought was trying to help him get answers about the girls’ abduction.

During Bunbury, Winnick and Phillippe’s “GMA” interview Tuesday morning, Bunbury gave her reaction to the end of show’s pilot, which had not yet aired.

“I was shocked as well and really excited that ABC was taking a chance like this to kill off a star like Ryan,” she said. “And I also had some deep thoughts about what his fans are going to think about it.”

Phillippe and Winnick both looked shocked at Bunbury’s remarks, with Winnick laughing and saying “spoiler” and “oops” before expressing her own spoiler-free thoughts about the premiere.

Some “Good Morning America” viewers who saw the live interview — which was edited to remove Bunbury’s remarks when it was posted on the “GMA” website — took to Twitter to express their shock at what they’d just heard, and wondered if the actress had really just given the big twist away.

And it turns out, she had.

New episodes of “Big Sky” airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on ABC.


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