Bill Cosby Replaced by Kim Jong-Un on Iconic Washington, D.C. Mural

Street artist swaps out scandal-plagued comedian for North Korean dictator

Ted Eytan

Move over, Bill Cosby; Kim Jong-Un has taken your place. At least temporarily.

A Washington, D.C. mural featuring the scandal-plagued comedian was defaced earlier this week, when a vandal pasted an image of North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un over Cosby’s face.

The mural appears on the side of Ben’s Chili Bowl in D.C., and depicts Cosby and Barack Obama.

A street artist known as Smearleader took credit for the defacement, writing on Instagram, “Kim’s Chili Bowl. Instead of looking at a sexual predator, people can celebrate in jubilation that the great leader is now on the their Wall. Eat shit Cosby.”

The alteration didn’t last long; by late Monday afternoon, the mural was restored to its original state by Kevin Irvine, who identified himself as a friend of the mural artist, NBC News4 reported.

In the past year, Cosby has been accused of raping or sexually abusing dozens of women, many of whom claim that they were drugged beforehand. Cosby’s attorney has denied the accusations.

While Cosby has not been charged with a crime, he faces multiple lawsuits from some of his accusers, and has experienced career setbacks in the wake of the scandal, such as a project that NBC had been developing as a starring vehicle for the comedian, but which was shelved in light of the scandal.