Bill Cosby’s Comedy Bit About Drugging Females Sets Howard Stern Off: ‘I Never Found This Guy Funny’ (Audio)

The embattled comedian jokes about slipping Spanish fly to women in a standup routine from 1969

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Bill Cosby is staying silent following several women coming forward to accuse the comedian of rape. But what he said during a 1969 comedy routine about drugging women has many who have heard it calling foul, including Howard Stern.

In the bit off of Cosby’s album, “It’s True! It’s True!” the comic jokes about having a fascination with Spanish fly in his youth and a desire to slip it into girls’ drinks.

“Go to a party, see five girls standing alone, ‘Boy if I had a whole jug of Spanish fly, I’d light that corner up over there.”

He then recounts working on the TV series “I Spy” and learning that the show would be going to Spain.

“A childhood dream come true,” Cosby joked, saying both he and his co-star Robert Culp were interested in procuring the drug.

“I never found this guy funny,” Stern said on his radio show Tuesday morning after playing Cosby’s comedy bit. “I don’t think there’s a joke in there at all.”

As TheWrap previously reported, Cosby has been at the end of several rape accusations, many from women who are coming forward now to say the comedian drugged and sexually assaulted them. Cosby was asked about these allegations in a recent interview with NPR but refused to answer any questions about the charges.

“In light of what’s going on now, he’s totally consumed with the idea that you can drug a girl,” said Stern, who has criticized Cosby in the past. “Again, I don’t know that he’s guilty of anything.”

“No, but this bit indicates that he would love to have this power,” Stern’s co-host Robin Quivers said.

“They’re claiming they wake up after he gives them a cocktail and their clothes are off and he’s hovering over them,” Stern said. “Holy mackerel, what a creepy sight that must be.”

In 2006, Cosby settled out of court for an undisclosed sum of money with Andrea Constand, who told police the comedian drugged and raped her. Last week, actress Barbara Bowman wrote an op-ed piece in The Washington Post saying Cosby did the same to her. On Sunday, former publicist Joan Tarshis also came forward with assertions that Cosby drugged and raped her twice in an article on Hollywood Elsewhere‘s website.

Listen to the audio from Bill Cosby‘s Spanish fly routine below.