Bill Cosby’s Cousin to Accusers: ‘Why Didn’t You Talk to a Lawyer 30 Years Ago?’ (Video)

Author Merisa Davis voices support for the comedian, questions the validity of accusers’ claims

A cousin of Bill Cosby has come to the embattled comedian’s defense after more than 20 women came out with rape and drug allegations against the actor.

The author of “Bill Cosby is Right: But What Should the Church Be Doing About It?” described herself as “devastated” about the allegations.

“But something in the back of my mind said, ‘Just sit back and wait, because what I understand is the truth comes out eventually,” Merisa Davis told Sean Hannity on Fox News Tuesday. “A lot of people are motivated by money, and I knew that Dr. Cosby had a new project coming out in 2015, and I knew there would be some push back.”

Hannity pushed the issue, telling Davis most of the accusers wanted to share their story and haven’t sought monetary compensation.

“Do you find it odd dozens of women are saying the same thing?” Hannity asked.

“Well, I’m suspicious because they should have said something 30 years ago,” she said. “If it was so real, why didn’t you talk to a lawyer 30 years ago?”

Allegations against Cosby swelled after Barbara Bowman detailed her ordeal last month. Dozens of women then followed with stories of being drugged and/or raped by the famous comedian. Accusers have included former models Beverly Johnson and Janice Dickinson.

The fallout from allegations prompted Netflix to postpone a comedy special featuring the comedian. And NBC canceled plans to develop a comedy starring the comedian.

Davis’s support comes after the comedian’s wife, Camille, and daughter, 38-year-old Evin, came to his defense. Mother and daughter reminded the public Cosby is the man they thought they knew.

Davis closed the interview with a reminder of her own.

“What I’m saying is we have courts, we have a legal system in this country. If I was harassed, and somebody put their hands on me in a situation where I didn’t want it? I would have talked to a lawyer, and I would have done it 30 years ago,” Davis said.