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Bill Cosby’s Upcoming Live Show to Be Heckled by Women’s Group

Comedian is scheduled to perform Jan. 8 at Ontario’s Budweiser Gardens, despite mounting sexual assault allegations

Bill Cosby‘s January comedy show in London, Ontario will go on, despite mounting allegations of rape, drugging and sexual assault. But protesters and hecklers will be on site to voice their displeasure.

Megan Walker, executive director of the London Abused Women’s Centre said she plans to organize a demonstration outside Cosby’s Jan. 8 performance at Budweiser Gardens.

“Nobody is saying you’re guilty and you’re going to jail,” Walker told CTV. “What we’re saying is we believe women — we believe what you’re saying and we’re going to stand in solidarity with you and try to take some action to prevent this alleged serial rapist from coming to London, Ontario.”

“We will be out in huge numbers, protesting with signs and banners and making lots of noise,” she added.

Some ticket holders who made their purchases before allegations against Cosby resurfaced say they’ve had trouble trying to secure refunds or resell their tickets. Walker’s suggestion for them is to attend the event as scheduled, but to let their voices be heard from the stands — to heckle the comedian as he takes the stage.

Cosby is also scheduled to perform on Jan. 7, at Centre in the Square in Toronto, much to the dismay of his critics. Everyone from the Mayor of London, Ontario to producer-director Judd Apatow has weighed in on both venues’ decisions to go ahead with their respective concerts, especially since so many other performances have been canceled across the continent.

“Are you really going to let Bill Cosby perform on your stage January 7?” Apatow tweeted at Toronto’s Centre in the Square.

But representatives from the venues say they’re contractually obligated to allow the comedian to perform, regardless of what crimes he stands accused of committing.

“The promoters are contracted with Cosby and the venue is unable to break the contract, so the show will go on as scheduled,” Brian Ohl, Regional Vice President & General Manager of Budweiser Gardens told TheWrap.

Cosby has continually declined TheWrap’s request for comment on his criminal allegations and upcoming concert schedule.