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Bill Maher Announces He’s QAnon – to Try to Stop Republicans From Voting (Video)

”My entire life has been a sham that gave me the perfect cover to be your source for what’s really happening in America,“ ”Real Time“ host jokes

At the end of Friday’s episode of “Real Time,” Bill Maher dropped a shocker on the audience: He’s secretly a shady operative at the center of the conspiracy theory known as “QAnon.”

But it was actually a ploy to trick Trump voters into staying at home during the upcoming mid-term election.

“QAnon” is conspiracy theory asserting that a secret cabal, controlled by Hollywood and prominent Democrats, runs an international pedophile ring and is plotting a clandestine coup against Donald Trump. It was all purportedly revealed by a government whistleblower known as “Q.”

The conspiracy theory became well-known when Roseanne Barr revealed she believes it, but it made news again this week after dozens of adherents attended a Trump speech in Florida. Maher addressed them directly during the “New Rules” segment of “Real Time.”

After noting the irony of believing Trump is waging a secret war against pedophiles — by playing several clips of his more infamous comments about his daughter, Ivanka — Maher got “serious.”

“The only thing that would make more sense is finding out that a Trump-loathing, conservative-baiter like me is Q,” said Maher, who then looked at the camera. “Which is why it is true. I am Q.”

Then a “Q” logo appeared onscreen, and when it faded, Maher was wearing a hooded cloak and sitting in front of a laptop with a “Q” logo sticker on it.

“It feels so good to finally be myself… My entire life has been a sham that gave me the perfect cover to be your source for what’s really happening in America,” he continued.

“The drugs, the atheism, the stuff at the Playboy mansion, I did that to throw everybody off the scent.”

Then he added: “Now that you real Americans know the truth I, Q, need your help to make America great again… Above all, on Tuesday November 6, stay at home. Stay at home do not leave your house for any reason. If you have a basement, go there, or better, get in the trunk of your car, close it, and don’t leave it for any reason.”

“Stay in the trunk of your car until you hear from me,” he concluded. “Stay in the trunk. Stay in the trunk. Stay in the trunk.”

You guessed it: Nov. 6 is election day.