Bill Maher Says New American Motto Is ‘Go F— Yourself’ (Video)

“You can unfriend someone whose politics you don’t like, but you can’t unfriend 47 percent of America,” the HBO host says

Bill Maher has a message for Donald Trump from those who did not vote for him: “We are still here.” And, “we” are not going anywhere.

Friday’s “Real Time with Bill Maher” was the first one since Trump won the election, and the outspoken liberal host had plenty to say about the divide it has created. He said the election has brought out something he doesn’t like and doesn’t recognize.

“We’ve always had our disagreements here but now half the country literally wants nothing to do with the other half,” Maher said. “Our motto is no longer ‘E pluribus unum,’ it’s ‘Go f— yourself.’”

Maher said he’s looking at jubilant Trump fans and thinking, “What happened? I don’t even know who you are anymore.”

“But we’re here. We’re stuck here. Oh sure, people talk about moving somewhere more progressive like Canada or North Korea, but most of us Hillary voters still have a soft spot for this crazy mixed-up country of ours.

“It’s where we first learned to ride a bike and first ran after the ice cream truck. It’s where we served as an altar boy in our church and later sued the church for what happened when we were altar boys,” Maher joked. “It’s where we played Monopoly during summer vacations, never imagining that going bankrupt in Atlantic City was a stepping stone to the White House.”

Maher said he knows it’s tempting to want to divide America down the middle right now.

“I’ve actually been in the bad roommate situation where you literally got white tape and made a line through the middle of the apartment,” Maher said. “It’s something they tried on many, many sitcoms over the years, starting with ‘I Love Lucy,’ Lucy on one side, the Spanish-speaking immigrant on the other. She just wanted to make the living room great again.

“You can unfriend someone who’s politics you don’t like, but you can’t unfriend 47 percent of America. Roommates can move out, patriots can’t.”

Leaning into the camera, Maher added, “America needs you more than ever… right here… with me… and the rest of the resistance, until we can figure out how to really make America great again and don’t ever let them forget, we are still here.”

Check it out above.