Bill Murray Rides Into ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ on Horseback Wearing a Dress (Video)

The comedy legend also advised the crowd at SXSW to stay hydrated, and ripped shots with the ABC late-night host

Bill Murray wore a pretty red dress and rode onto the set of “Jimmy Kimmel Live” at SXSW on the back of horse on Thursday.

The actor was also accompanied by a large mariachi band during his grandiose entrance that riled up the ecstatic crowd — especially those in the upper balconies when Murray asked them how much they paid for their seats.

Kimmel and Murray covered a range of topics, including Murray’s tendency to jump behind the bar at parties. When Kimmel asked if Murray had a signature drink that he makes, Murray said, “Well, I think for most of the people down here what you ought to give them is water.”

Murray also advised people to “quaff multiple vitamins” in an effort to prevent hangovers. He was insistent, however, that water is the most important thing, and explained, “The professional drinkers drink water with every glass of wine.”

Murray and Kimmel chose tequila over wine, however, and ripped shots with each other after Kimmel complimented his guest’s “great legs.”

“How do you say in Mexicano?” Murray asked Kimmel’s sidekick Guillermo, who explained, “Tequila.”

Watch Murray’s grand entrance, and scroll down to watch the actor discuss hydration, plus Murray getting a buzz.